Introducing Marrakech Designer, Salima


Salima Boudlal

Passionate about designing and fashion, Salima is from Morroco and works part-time at a stall in Marrakech where she displays and sells her handmade leather bags, slippers and shoes. She is also in her final year of her Bachelor Degree and hopes to build her own label upon graduation as a budding designer.

I spoke with Salima over a video call. In spite of the weak internet connection, she was very patient and bubbly as she shared with me the latest designs of her bags. "Quality is of utmost importance and I wouldn't compromise it. Everything is handmade with care because it represent her and her standards.

"The slippers are easier to sell in Morroco but not bags.. because they are made of 100% real leather and are more expensive for the people here."

I was astonished as given the quality and material, the pricing was not set at a really high range. Uneditedly opens up a wider market for customers from all around the world who place great emphasis on quality work and are willing to support the designers they like and appreciate.

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