The Future of Customer Relationship

The Future of Customer Relationship

Imagine seeing a bag you love but wishing for it to be in another colour, getting excited over a piece of blouse only to discover that they do not have a size for someone petite like you, having special requirements because everyone’s body is unique and shaped differently… the usual frustrations of every shopper gets unnoticed as brands expand in size and designers pushed further away in the distribution chain with increase layers. Rising business models, like us at Uneditedly, emerge to tap onto technology to prioritise customers instead of operation processes.

We are an online fashion platform, that seeks to reconnect designers, artisans and small boutiques with customers. The focus lies in providing items that are high-quality and handmade, yet with off-the-shelves and unique designs. Customers of theirs are fashion-forward and wish to own items that cannot be found or worn easily by others.

Apart from bringing back the close relationship that traditional brick-and-mortar stores once had with their customers, what makes Uneditedly special is that it is relinquishing power back to the hands of you as a customer to customize and even co-create the items to your preferences. Gone are the multiple layers of intermediaries, where Uneditedly provides an online space which facilitates direct and quick feedback between designers and customers.

In addition to putting customers first, Uneditedly carefully selects its suppliers and offers opportunities for young budding designers and artisans a platform to showcase their works. The key distinction of Uneditedly's website is being able to learn about the stories behind what you buy, who made it, what inspired the design, how was it made and what material are used for the item you had purchased. As new age customers, we are curious and would love to be more involved in the entire process, including the production stage. Understanding the product and putting a face to the designer and creator can be very fulfilling and comforting. Watch this space as we captures the behind-the-scenes moments. Learn about the values behind each designer who stands for different values like authenticity, sustainability, fair trade, ethical production and many more which guides their works.

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